George Looney

He was born as Sascha Schneider in 1975 in Eschwege, a small town near Kassel, Germany and is a state-qualified occupational therapist.
At the age of 8 years he took piano lessons for four years. Meanwhile, he made
his very first experiences with a synthesizer from his uncle, the legendary YAMAHA DX 7 and a BOSS DR-110 Drum Computer and also his first experiences with electronic sounds as child. At the age of 12 he listened the first time to house music from Chicago and this first track he ever listened to was Steve 'Silk' Hurley´s "Jack Your Body (Club Mix)". That was the time he felt in love with this music and began to collect his first 12" vinyls, which became his biggest hobby in this time. In 1988 he began to meet with his school mate Stefan Gathmann after school for making pop music on a YAMAHA PSR keyboard - Alec mostly as keyboarder and Stefan as singer. At this time he favored Acid House music, too. They had about 3 gigs together (one with additional female singer) and in 1991 Alec began to make music on his own, because his love to house music was too big and he wanted to play more with electronic sounds with focus on house and techno.
In 1992 he began with mixing 12" vinyls. With some friends he organised first techno and house parties, where he was known for playing harder techno sounds - and of course it must have been Acid Techno/House/Trance for him.
Later he played also at scene clothes shops, club and had in 1997 his first radio show called "Strictly Rhythm" at local FM radio station "RFM - Rundfunk Meissner". 
Beside that he spent money in new equipment and so he produced a lot of tracks with a ROLAND MC-303 Groovebox and a YAMAHA CS1-x Synthesizer, which he never released. After a last gig on a friend´s birthday party as DJ in the Club Santana in 1999 he paused for four years with djing and concentrated more on music production on pc. He began in 2002 with Propellerheads ReBirth 338, where he mostly produced schranz sounds and got later also into FL Studio and Reason.
In 2004 he came back to DJ, but this time strictly digital and a few years later he
played at several internet radio stations like Borgradio, Mixbase.FM and some others. He has made friends with Daniel Wiechert AKA Francis via Internet in 2008 and they both noticed, that they had very similar musical taste and so they started to make music together in 2009 with focus on minimal house, tech house and a bit techno, but also on his own.
He discovered Ableton Live as his favorite DAW and some VST´s like Reaktor 5, Battery 3, but also sampled material. He always tries to make music not too much complex - more on a simple way but always with focus on dancefloor with tribal, funky and minimalistic sounds, whether more techy or more house.