George Looney
George Looney
Hard House, Minimal and Techno are the genres of George Looney from Wuppertal, Germany.

His musical influences trail back to the 80s with Synthpop, NDW and the 90s evolution with Acid, House and Techno.

In 1998, after buying 2 Technics-1210 Turntables, a new chapter began for George Looney. Just 2 years later, he played on his first underground Techno-Parties. Later, he became a resident DJ at the Club Klangraum in Wuppertal.

After a break, in 2009 Wuppa Ego returned and updated his gear to produce his own tracks. He already released some tracks on Playmymusic and Anadamide Records in genius rec Hypnohouse Tracks Dubwoofer SDL in 2010.2011 and on cyan musik2011 2012 MVR 2013/ desperadoz rec. and Cock Pitch records. 2012, he would begin a radio show Hausmeister session moderating a regional Radio station in Recklinghausen (Fresh Fm).
2016 he chnage hes name from Wuppa Ego too George Looneyand make his own label Yellow Rabbit Records